About us

Sea Moss Naturals Limited is a Vincentian and British business cultivating native Caribbean Seaweed species, Eucheuma Cottonii and Gracilaria varieties. Our product is used in a range of applications: cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, for personal healthy nutrition, skin and hair treatments.

We are pioneers in sustainable wild-farming of seaweed in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and responsibly manage the ocean's resources. Our seasoned team of seaweed experts (Phycologists) and production engineers have been involved in our wild-aquaculture since 2015 when we commenced operations. Their dedication allows us to supply the highest purity and quality nature can provide. We have substantial production and export capacity to meet the demand of producers of Hydrocolloids & Polysaccharides that require large volumes of seaweed. Our ambition is to continue sustainable expansion of our production capacity, provide further employment and sustenance opportunities to our local communities and across the value chain.

We are guardians of our environment and discovered that our plantations create natural habitats for many marine species which thrive and take refuge in our plantations, which have become nurseries for a myriad of endemic tropical marine species that enhance the local marine environment.

Our company harvests cold-water seaweed in Scotland and Ireland, mainly Chondrus Crispus and other species. Some of our product is converted to carrageenan for industrial applications for thickening and smoothing consumer products, pharmaceutical applications such as Vegan gel capsule manufacturing and bio-plastics.

Please contact us with any queries and opportunities you have.