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What We Do


Sea Moss

We produce Seaweed in the open waters along the shores of the pristine and unpopulated islands of Union and Mayreau in the Saint Vincent Grenadines.



Our Tropical varieties are Eucheuma Cottonii & Gracilaria Domingenses and from Ireland and Scotland Chondrus Crispus. Through our unique sun-drying techniques we are able to maintain all the nutrients and health benefits.


Industrial & Wholesale

Our seaweed is ideal for industry specializing in the production of Hydrocolloids and Polysaccharides such as Carrageenan used in the food processing, cosmeceuticals, nutraceutical and pharmaceuticals sectors.



Our production is in excess of 8 metric tones per month all handcrafted by our local teams, inherently organic product, 100% natural and of the best quality available. Our production is scientifically monitored and controlled to ensure only the best product reaches our customers.